I’ve always felt my life purpose was to work with others. Once I got sick with chronic illness, I knew that I wanted to help others through their healing journey. Having support has been vital to my healing process and I want to be able to provide that to you.


“The Influence Health is fantastic! Victoria is so thorough and in tune with listening to her clients and what their specific needs are for their bodies, and current health challenges. After my illness began to progress 2 years ago, I struggled to find the balance to be able to exercise without over-stressing my body, exhausting or injuring myself. With Victoria's exercise plan, I am feeling energized and stronger with no side effects like I was having going it alone. So worth every penny! So glad I found this help!”

-April Arguin (Mitochondrial disease)

“Working with Victoria has been a wonderful experience. Her passion for health combined with her personal understanding of chronic illness are evident in the movement exercises she recommends. She offers me a wide variety tailored to my needs. Whether I’m having a good day or I’m stuck in bed, I can incorporate her suggestions to get more movement into my day. I feel so grateful to have her as a resource".”

-Alex Collier (Lyme disease)

“Victoria is incredible to work with! Super knowledgeable and very easy to talk to in order to get you on the right plan. She knew just at the level I was at. I really enjoyed her stretching and movement routines. But also loved having someone to check in to weekly to keep me accountable for staying on track. Highly recommend”

-Hope DiNic (Lyme Disease)

“Victoria is an amazing coach because she meets you where you’re at. Her personal experience with chronic illness enabled her to tailor a guide fit perfectly to my needs. She was very supportive the whole time and offered modifications and substitutions if I needed them. She even included bed exercises for rest days. With her direction I was able to increase my movement and remain consistent during these 3 months. I highly recommend her and am grateful for my experience with her.” 

-Kali Poulos