About Victoria

Hi, I’m Victoria! As a movement therapy coach, I am here to help advance your healing! I work with those who have chronic illnesses to aid in their healing journey. Movement therapy is vital with chronic illness to help increase strength, mobility, and blood flow while reducing muscle wasting or loss, injury risk and other negative results of a sedentary lifestyle due to illness. I truly believe movement is a key to life and would love to help show you how it can improve yours.

            Movement has always been an important part of my life. When I got sick in 2012, I had to put all of that on hold. I was ultimately diagnosed with immune dysfunction, Hashimoto’s and Lyme disease which led to chronic fatigue syndrome, dysautonomia, mast cell activation syndrome, CIDP, and endometriosis.I soon realized I could use movement, specifically tailored to my illness and needs, to actually help me in healing and minimize relapses! I slowly began to incorporate movement back into my life. Not in the same way as before, but in new ways that wouldn’t tax my system; that instead would support it. And now I want to help you do the same! 


How I’m different from any other coach or trainer: 

I am NOT a weight loss coach, competition coach or a nutritionist. My GOAL is to help you improve upon your healing, gain back strength and energy, show you the importance of movement no matter what your health looks like and to teach you how to love and utilize your body for healing. I help show clients how utilizing movement that is tailored to your body and situation can benefit you both immediately and in the future. It’s time to find peace with your body and feed it what it needs for healing! 

            Something that sets me apart as a coach, besides my work specializing in chronic illness, is that I incorporate a variety of different types of movement. I’m not trained in every medium out there from yoga to kick boxing, but if I feel that a specific Pilates or yoga series would benefit you, I will incorporate that in the routine that I build for you. I draw from other trainers, coaches, and leaders in the health world to put together a program that works specifically FOR YOU. No one person knows or can provide everything, so I utilize my knowledge while also being a point person to put together a plan for you


I have a degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and have been training since 2010. I have specialty certifications in Kettlebells and TRX.


Please review the resources page (link)to learn the science behind the importance of movement in illness.I work with a variety of fitness levels and chronic illnesses (from Lyme disease to dysautonomia to lupus to anxiety and/or depression and more!), but if you’re concerned whether I will be able to work with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can talk about your unique circumstance! I am always learning and willing to do the research in situations I may know less about.