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About Me

Hi, I’m Victoria! As a Movement Therapy Coach, I am here to help advance your healing. I work with those who have chronic illnesses to aid in their healing journey. Movement therapy is vital with chronic illness to help increase strength, mobility, and blood flow while reducing muscle wasting or loss, injury risk and other negative results of a sedentary lifestyle due to illness. I truly believe movement is a key to life and would love to help show you how it can improve yours.


Work With Me

I offer 1-on-1 Movement Therapy Coaching for those with chronic illness. I currently offer two separate coaching packages depending on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Whether you are bed-bound or fairly active already, I can help. My coaching is not about getting that six pack or running that marathon, it’s about improving your quality of life.


There are what seem like unlimited studies demonstrating the benefits of movement for almost every chronic illness. Why? Because it is so important to life! Learn about how movement is important for everything from mood to sleep to healing disease and preventing it.



“Working with Victoria has been a wonderful experience. Her passion for health combined with her personal understanding of chronic illness are evident in the movement exercises she recommends. She offers me a wide variety tailored to my needs. Whether I’m having a good day or I’m stuck in bed, I can incorporate her suggestions to get more movement into my day. I feel so grateful to have her as a resource".” -Alex Collier